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Frosted Cookies is a hybrid cannabis strain. Bred and propagated by the Oregon Microgrowers Guild, this weed has its roots in Afghanistan. This marijuana is the result of crossing Girl Scout Cookies (or GSC) and The White S1 strains. The Frosted Cookies strain’s taste and aroma are approximately the same, including fruits, spices, and pine.

Experienced weed smokers choose cannabis Frosted Cookies for its effects.

The high begins with a surge of euphoria with Frosted Cookies strain. Consumers report that they felt the energy spilling over their bodies, and it was much easier to focus. However, shortly after that, they felt a deep calm, which turned into a pleasant numbness of the body. The appetite also increased greatly, but the relaxation of the body made calmness the main subject of thoughts. You couldn't even think about something bad.

Frosted Cookies -Xotic- $100oz


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