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Firebird’s Supersonic Nerve Tonic Blends were designed to treat the everyday annoyances of life while living with chronic pain, lack of sleep a bad mood or in supplement of our FECO concentrates designed for fighting cancer.
THC~ For sleep and pain. Priority Blend has 600 mg THC
CBD ~ For mood and overall nerve health. The perfect choice for children with neurological issues and or emotional challenges. CBD is wonderful for reducing inflammation in the body. Baby Blend has 600 mg CBD.
1 to 1 (CBD/THC) For chronic pain, dosing down from opiates, agitation, chronic nerve issues.  Supersonic Nerve Tonic 300mg THC, 300mg CBD
4 to 1 (CBD/THC) this is a great blend for people who need just a little THC to cut the edge and all the CBD to help restructure the nervous system and reduce inflammation. With just a little THC you're completely able to drive and do all the things you need to do in your day; it is very mild. Supersonic Nerve Tonic 50mg THC, 550mg CBD



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